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        Short videos teach family regivers hands-on re skills

        Paul vanagh

        Saint Elizabeth Foundation has developed a website that’s home to a library of short, practil videos that teach family regivers a whole host of hands-on re skills - from how to take re of a theter, to how to wash someone’s hair in bed, to how to prevent bed sores. - read more

        Services that support regivers are available across Ontario!

        Enter your postal code or city to find lolized information and services from thehealthline.

        Due to COVID-19, many organizations have temporarily closed or changed how they are providing services. Please ll ahead before visiting a service.

        Enter your postal code or city


        If you would like to speak to someone about getting re for a friend or relative, click here to find your Lol Health Integration Network - Home and Community re, or ll 310-2222.

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        Ontario regiver Coalition - Free to join! Stay informed about key initiatives the OCC is working on.

        The Change Foundation is recognizing, facilitating, and supporting family regivers to improve their experience in the Ontario Health re System.

        The Ontario regiver Organization works to ease the stress and burden that regivers experience when ring for a loved one.